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Oct 2020 BTRFS and ZFS Training

This is a hands-on training session (here is the link to the event page). To start you need your own Virtual Machine running Debian/Buster (the latest stable release of Debian) or a VM on the LUV server. If you request a VM on the LUV server give Russell a copy of your SSH public key and you can then access it by “ssh root@buster$” where $N is the number of the VM assigned to you.

Here is the BTRFS Training Lesson.
Here is the ZFS Training Lesson.

You can do the two lessons in either order and it’s not required to do both. But I recommend doing both and doing BTRFS first.

Some sections of the training will take more than 5 minutes if the system is idle and much longer if 20 other people are doing it at the same time. I recommend that you start work immediately to beat the rush for compute power.

If you have questions about how things works and why you want to perform certain tasks then you might want to save them for when you have started a long running command for the most efficient use of time.

I may update this post during the course of the training to include any other URLs needed.

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