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BTRFS and ZFS Training


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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On Saturday 17th of October Russell Coker is running a hands-on training session on BTRFS and ZFS. You can do this on your own VM if you have 3 block devices (partitions) that are empty and ready to use or you can do it on a VM that we host. If you want to use a LUV Virtual Machine for this then email Russell Coker with your SSH public key (the file ~/.ssh/ usually has it).

BTRFS and ZFS are filesystems which use checksums on all data so that when a disk returns the wrong data or returns corrupt data the filesystem can correct it and the application will receive correct data. This training session will cover installation and configuration of those filesystems and exercises in simulating data corruption and verifying the ability of those filesystems to discover and correct it.

The listed time is from midday to 4PM but there’s a possibility of running later if people are still working on things.

Here is the meeting URL

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